The updated European Strategy for Particle Physics

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 A. Bracco, L. Cifarelli    29-06-2020

On June 19th the CERN Council unanimously approved the 2020 update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics. A related news article including weblinks to the relevant documents can be found on the CERN website.

The European Strategy outlines high-priority future initiatives for Europe, namely the high-energy frontier based on a hadron collider at CERN with centre-of-mass energy of at least 100 TeV, and with an e+e Higgs and electroweak factory as first stage.

Broad programmes of R&D for accelerators and detectors will be supported, as well as synergies with neighbouring fields and research in theory and phenomenology of particle physics.

Other essential scientific topics in the quest for new physics, such as the search for dark sector candidates, in programmes complementary to the high-energy frontier in Europe and other regions of the world, will also be supported.

As declared by the INFN President Antonio Zoccoli during the Council session, "Italy strongly and enthusiastically supports the European Strategy which will offer new opportunities for the young generations."

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