SIF and Springer Nature, brief story of a long and successful partnership

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 D. Migliorini    30-06-2023     Leggi in PDF

A couple of years ago I began collaborating with the Italian Physical Society (SIF) on La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento, a SIF's flagship review journal with an incredible history of world-class authors and seminal articles published since its launch. Together with SIF, we are working to grow the journal both in terms of content and visibility to improve even further its impact and reach.

As soon as I started working with SIF, I appreciated the quality of the work and the crucial role the Society was playing in the dissemination of science and as an amplifier for the voice of the Italian research community. Through the years, I had the opportunity of joining several events organized by SIF, the most recent being the 2022 National Congress held in Milan for the 125th anniversary of the Society, and I was impressed by the vibrant community and the many insightful discussions I had at the Springer Nature booth with several of the attendees.

SIF and Springer Nature have a long and successful history of collaboration – dating back to Springer-Verlag times – with a prime example being The European Physical Journal (EPJ) portfolio. The EPJ family was launched back in 1998 and celebrates its 25th anniversary this year; a great history that was recently celebrated in another article in SIF Prima Pagina by my colleague Christian Caron.

Launched as a collaboration between Springer-Verlag (now Springer Nature), EDP Sciences and SIF, the EPJ portfolio began with a few journals and grew to include 16 titles, with La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento joining as associated journal in 2020. EPJ journals cover all aspects of fundamental physics and their applications and aim to provide a venue not only for Europe-based researchers but for the whole international physics community.

The collaboration between SIF and Springer Nature is by no means limited to journals, there is a rich collection of co-published books with three exciting new titles on their way: the 2nd edition of "The Scientific Legacy of Beppo Occhialini" (edited by Gariboldi, Gervas, Sironi, Treves and Tucci) and two others in the History of Physics series: "Albert Einstein - Italian Memories" (edited by Linguerri and Simili) and "Enrico Fermi, Atomic Physics Lectures" (edited by Treves and Tucci).

Looking back at this successful history of collaboration, I anticipate seeing further growth and development in the coming years and I very much look forward to joining SIF's upcoming events, starting with the 109th National Congress in Salerno organized for September 2023. There we will be celebrating the anniversary of EPJ and having a roundtable, that I will have the pleasure to join, discussing scientific publishing with an emphasis on The European Physical Journals.

Davide Migliorini – Publishing Editor at Springer Nature, working on a portfolio of physics journals. He collaborates with SIF on La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento and with EDP Sciences on the EPJ B, D and E journals.