What to expect from Europhysics News

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 E. de Wolf    29-09-2023     Leggi in PDF

Europhysics News (EPN) is the magazine of the European Physical Society (EPS). It has five issues per year. The fifth issue of EPN follows many traditions: we will report on the awardees of the Nobel Prize for Physics 2023, the EPS Historic Sites of 2023 and the awardees of EPS distinctions and awards. We will provide the current EPS Directory in which you will find names and credentials of the current members of the EPS Executive Committee, the Secretariat and the Council. You can find the current Editors of EPL and EPN, the Publisher, a list of past EPN Presidents and of new Honorary Members. Finally, we provide the annual index of EPN edition 54 in 2023, to help you find back articles in the issues.

But above all, the fifth EPN issue is a double thick Special Issue!

In agreement with our Editorial Advisory Board, we have chosen for a Special Issue about "Research using large European physics infrastructures". We are very grateful that Zsolt Fülop and Carlo Rizzuto accepted our invitation to act as Guest Editors. They have selected four physics fields to report on: particle physics, physics with light sources, material science and physics using underground facilities. In each field they have invited a senior physicist to introduce the most important research infrastructure of the field and a junior physicist to report on his/her/their research using the infrastructure.

EPN 54/5 will come on-line around 22 November 2023 as a flipbook at epn.eps.org and around 25 November 2023 as registered document at europhysicsnews.org.

In October 2023, the annual meeting of the Editorial Advisory Board will take place, preceded by a meeting of the EPN-editors. In these two meetings we will choose four mini-themes for the first four EPN issues in 2024 and the theme of the Special Issue. Generally, the January issue will cover the physics field of the Nobel Prize 2023 winner; we strive for educational or societal themes for the April issue; in the June issue we hope to choose for an interdisciplinary physics field and for the September issue a technical physics field; for the Special Issue the theme usually highlights a particular physics field or the physics of an important societal issue.


We cordially invite the members of SIF to write a feature article for EPN in 2024! Contact the Science Editor Ferenc Igloi. If you want to set the spotlights on a new research result, on a young researcher or the start of a new experiment or ..., make use of the opportunity to publish a short contribution in the EPN section "In the Spotlights".

Els de Wolf – Editor of Europhysics News.