Energy transition: the challenges of defossilisation

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A special issue of Reflets de la Physique, the journal of the French Physical Society (SFP), has just been published on 14 February. The issue is entirely devoted to the subject of energy.

Designed as a collection of factual data and scientific know-how on energy, this 168-page issue contains everything is needed to form an opinion. It is aimed primarily at anyone wishing to improve their knowledge and understanding of the problems and challenges involved in the energy transition: decision-makers, journalists, teachers, NGO representatives, students, citizens, etc.

This special issue is the fruit of several years' work in collaboration with leading specialists in the field. The Société Française de Physique, author of the issue, and the scientific community in general, have a duty to shed light on these debates by providing factual information and objective analysis. This approach is all the more necessary for subjects on which opinions can be strongly influenced by political or even ideological choices. An objective and clear examination of the physical constraints and limitations is essential.

The current issue is in French but it will be shortly translated into English.

Paper version is sent to all members and member organisations of the French Physical Society. Online version is available free of charge here.