On the eve of the IYL2015

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Credit: Giovanna Rasario, Ritorno al quadrato, 2007-2009, olio su tela, http://www.rasario.it

On the occasion of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies in 2015 (IYL2015), the Italian Physical Society (SIF) – Golden Associate of the IYL2015 – is acting as “contact hub” for a number of national learned societies and institutions in Italy.

The organization of the many events in Italy is moving forward.

In a dedicated page of the SIF website you can find updated info, namely:

- a list of relevant web sites and contact addresses
- an Italian event calendar
- a news section.

Send us your news, follow us and stay tuned!

Your IYL2015 Contact Hub for Italy sif.light2015@sif.it