The 60th Jubilee of JINR

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The 60th Jubilee of  JINR and NICA

Official Opening of the NICA Project on March 25th 2016. From the right to left, V.A. Matveev (Director JINR), V.E.  Fortov (President of the Russian Academy of Sciences), L.M. Ogorodova (Vice Minister of Science and Education of RF), D. Gross (Nobel Laureate), L. Kostov (Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria), G.D. Shirkov (Correspondent Member RAS); second line, from left to right, A.S. Sorin(Vice Director of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics of JINR), V.D. Kekelidze (Director of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics of JINR), G.V. Trubnikov (Vice Director of JINR). Picture taken after David Gross’  lecture. (Courtesy of the JINR Directorate).

March 26th 1956 the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) was founded in a country location north of Moscow on the banks of Volga river which, few months later, was constituted into the science city of Dubna. This was the Eastern Bloc response to the creation of CERN in Geneva. Sixty years later there is an intensive and fruitful collaboration between JINR and CERN, each of the two International Laboratories participating in the Council of the other as an Observer.

The 60th Jubilee of JINR was celebrated April 5th 2016 in the framework of a very solemn ceremony held at the Cultural Centre of Dubna, with the participation of the Council of Plenipotentiaries of the Member States, several Members of the Scientific Council, of the Vice Minister of Science and Education of the Russian Federation, Prof. Ludmila Ogorodva, and a numerous group of representatives of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Moscow, including also a few Ambassadors.

The flag project of JINR, which is going to come into operation in the next three-four years, is the Heavy Ion Collider Facility NICA, qualified also as a MEGASCIENCE strategic project of the Russian Government. Worth an investment of about half a billion US dollars, NICA is mainly targeted to the investigation of the Quark Gluon Plasma phase transition in Quantum Chromo Dynamics. On March 25th 2015, the American Nobel Laureate David Gross, one among the most distinguished noble fathers of QCD, came purposely to Dubna to lay the cornerstone of the new building deputed to host the NICA Collider. He was helped in this task by the former Russian Minister of Science and Education, Andrey Fursenko, presently advisor for Science of the Russian Presidency, by the President of the Russian Academy of Science Vladimir Fortov and by the Vice Minister Ludmilla Ogorodova. After the cornerstone ceremony David Gross gave an overview of all the fundamental issues which NICA might help to clarify in a brilliant public seminar on the topic: "QCD a perfect theory".

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