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The free access given to issue N. 10, Vol. 39 (2016) of La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento: "Insights from the ALICE quark-gluon coloured world at the LHC", published online on 13 October 2016, will be extended till the end of February 2017, in line with the SCOAP3 agreement that foresees and supports Open Access for all HEP papers. The initiative, on the occasion of the CERN celebration on 30 Years of Heavy Ions, aims to promote our journal, increase its visibility, distribution and impact in the community.

EPJ A – Highlight
HIE-ISOLDE, the project and the physics opportunities
by M.J.G. Borge and K. Riisager
Radioactive nuclides, found within an atom's core, all share a common feature: they have too many or too few neutrons to be stable. In a new review published in EPJ A, Maria Jose Borges and Karsten Riisager explain how overcoming technical difficulties in accelerating such radioactive nuclei beams can help push back the boundaries of nuclear physics research. This fascinating topic is the first EPJ A paper to be subjected to an open referee process, whereby the referee's comments are included. The authors outline how the new CERN project HIE-ISOLDE will reach the energy levels needed to make two nuclei overcome the electric repulsion between them—referred to as the Coulomb barrier. This means that it will be possible to design experimental tools to explore both single-particle and collective degrees of radioactive nuclei freedom. This will improve our understanding of the unique duality in the degrees of freedom, which no other state of matter exhibits.
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EPJ Plus – Focus Point
Focus Point on the Physics of Cancer
Guest Editor: Martine Ben Amar
A special Focus Point has been published in EPJ Plus aiming to collect the recent new developments in the "Physics of Cancer". Scholars in physics and cancer fields have collaborated in order to develop diagnosis and care. In particular, the development of biophysics, experimental or theoretical, with a special insight on cancer research, has allowed a better understanding of the particular biology of cancer cells and its interaction with the micro-environment. The eleven contributions in this Focus Point cover a large diversity of topics of the modern research on cancer, i.e. the role of stem cell proliferation, the tumor and its environment, improvement of diagnosis and therapeutics.
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EPL is now on Twitter!
EPL has joined the world of Twitter. This new account gives an excellent opportunity to increase engagement with authors and visibility of EPL content within the physics community.

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