Annunci & Eventi - marzo 2014

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International HPC Summer School 2014
The 5th International HPC Summer School 2014 on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences will be held in Budapest, June 1-6.
More information: here.

International School of Science Journalism
The 5th Course of Erice International School of Science Journalism will be held at the Ettore Majorana Centre in Erice, June 9-14.
More information: here.

Academia Europaea 26th Annual Conference
The Conference about "Young Europe: realities, dilemmas and opportunities for the new generation" will be held in Barcelona, July 16-18.
More information: here.

International Conference PANIC 2014
The International Conference on Particles and Nuclei (PANIC 14) will be held in Hamburg, August 25-29.
More information: here.

Frontiers in Computational Physics: Energy Sciences
The 2nd Frontiers in Computational Physics Conference: Energy Science will take place in ETH Zurich, September 8-11.
More information: here.

Channeling 2014
The international conferences "Charged & Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena - Channeling 2014" will be held in Capri, October 5-10.
More information: here.

ELI-HU open job positions
ELI – Attosecond Light Pulse Source Research Infrastructure announces 12 open positions for young scientists and post-docs for the experimental and theoretical fields of Laser R&D as well as of High Harmonic Generation.
More information: here.