NuPECC report on nuclear physics in medicine

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 S. Pirrone    15-02-2014     Leggi in PDF

The Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committe (NuPECC) is an Expert Committee of the European Science Foundation (ESF), chaired by the Italian physicist Angela Bracco.

NuPECC is planning to produce a report on “Nuclear Physics in Medicine” (working title), one of today’s most relevant physics applications for humankind. Italy is indeed actively involved in this challenging field.

A Town Meeting to present and discuss recent developments took place in Paris on November 18, 2013 at CNRS, with the participation of the major experts coming from European laboratories and research centres.

The final document will be shortly produced and will serve to inform the scientific community (beyond the nuclear physics community), the funding agencies, policy makers and various stakeholders.

Three different chapters have been identified in this report, namely:

  • hadron therapy
  • imaging
  • medical radio-isotopes.

A preliminary draft and more information can be found on the NuPECC website.

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